Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ah, Now I Remember

As the girls get ready to take their history projects/presentations to school, I remember one of the reasons why I personally did not like school. I detested the projects, the desire to achieve and do well, and the pressure I put on myself. Peach seems to have taken it all in stride and doesn't seem to be stressed in the least. Beans on the other hand, has spent the last week snapping at people, and if her brother so much as looks at her, she bursts into tears. Last night I told her, I don't care what she gets for a mark on this project. I am proud of her regardless. She is my reluctant writer, so this was a big step for her and the best part is, she did it ALL BY HERSELF. She's seems much happier today and back to her normal self. I'm glad! After all, it's only grade school! What difference will it make even a month from now what mark she got on the silly thing. I'm much happier, and my kids are too when they can simply be kids. I am continually amazed at the pressure we put on ourselves and our children to be better, do better. I personally refuse to conform. Who's with me ;o)?!?


  1. That is one gorgeous young lady. Does your husband have the baseball bat ready? 'Cause he's gonna need it in a few years to beat off the boys!

    My mantra has always been for my kids (my students and my own children) to strive for their personal best and to be successful. That's very different from pushing to be THE best.

    Different kids learn and perform differently. If I could do it over again, I would never have put Becky in a traditional high school. I would have put her in a school for the performing arts. Except for her music classes, she was miserable in high school and now she's thriving at conservatory in college. I am all about working with kids' multiple intelligences.

  2. Oh, she is a doll! Good for her completing her project by herself. I think the process is way more important than the outcome. That is where the real learning takes place.

  3. Joining your non-conformity club... eagerly and excitedly... today! Cause I agree w/ you 100 %... the pressures are too great and the stresses too heavy to bear. So thankful I'm not the only who sees it and refuses to bow under the burden any longer! Our kids are too precious to bend and warp under the strain.

    So count me in! And thanks for the reminder :)

  4. AMEN!

    Isn't that hard, though, to help kids balance the (good!) desire to do the best we can, with the pressure that can come along with it.

    Your kids are amazing.


  5. Me! I rarely assign projects because they DO cut into family time. I vowed that I would NEVER assign "big poster board" projects and I haven't. Just come in and read and write, accepting the sweet invitation to learn more so you can give more. That's my motto.

  6. Ah, Pom Pom! I wish you were my childrens' teacher. In fact, I think I would go to class too, just so you could teach me :o).

    I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who feels this way.


  7. I'm with you!!!!!! I feel the same way and have vowed to raise my kids with the same attitude and not put unnecessary pressure on them!

  8. One project I will NEVER assign as a teacher...the diorama. Hate them. I hated making them as a kid. Hated helping Becky make them as a kid, and wouldn't ever insist that any of my students or their parents have to suffer, too!


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