Friday, October 1, 2010

My Current Read

I picked up a new book (among some other fab finds) at the thrift store today (don't click to look inside, it won't work ;o):

 As if I need to learn how! I have all the avoidance techniques down! I'm out the door again today bright and early to watch the older girls play in a soccer tournament. Maybe I'll do some housework tomorrow :o). Oh, and because I was on the topic of books, does anyone else read multiple tomes at one time -- like say, four or five?


  1. I do! I have stacks of books by the bed. I can't even count them all!

  2. I read one book before I fall asleep every night. Usually what happens is I read a sentence and then proceed to re-read that same sentence over and over and over. Than I fall asleep. As a result, it takes me ages to finish a book!

  3. I have several books going right now, but usually I zero in on one. Sometimes, though, a book is just too meaty to do that with.

    This is a great title for a book! If I cleaned my house I would have no time for the other stuff I really like to do.

  4. nice book!!!! I totally will look for it, anything to avoid housework:O)

  5. What beautiful autumn leaves on your banner! I can't read more then one book at a time, unless one book is fiction and the other is non-fiction. Then I can keep them both in my head!

  6. Love your new design!! Do you see leaves that color in real life? I AM envious!! :) Right now I am reading Sabbath by Wayne Muller. I generally have a couple on my nightstand that I am reading at one time.
    Hope the soccer tournament is fun! My daughter played soccer in school but it was generally Jan-March. It was always cold and rainy for her games. Miserable to sit out and watch, but I enjoyed it just the same. Sometimes I do miss those days!
    Praying that you have a restful Sabbath.
    Grace to you, my sweet friend!

  7. GORGEOUS fall pics!

    And the book? Promise to share the secrets, yah?!


  8. Oh, yeah. Always have stacks. That header is FABULOUS!!!!

  9. I am LOL! I do have multiple books going at once - generally a lengthy chapter book with ds1 that we're doing as a homeschool read aloud, something for myself for sheer enjoyment, and one or two books I'm reviewing.

  10. I always have multiple books going at one time. Usually, the least that I have on the go is three (not including any chapter books I am reading aloud to the kids). I thought it was just me that did this!!!


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