Thursday, September 2, 2010


Bub has worked very hard this summer at his swimming. He not only qualified with regional times at the swim meets, but he worked on his second level (he skipped the first level as was allowed) of life guarding. He passed his written exam with a grade of 98.7% and did equally well on his practical. Definitely a lifeguard in the making.

We are thankful to God to see his gifts and abilities developing and the joy and pride he takes in working hard to achieve skills that give him strength and confidence as well as a camaraderie with fellow team mates whom he also calls his friends.

Well done, Son, well done! We're proud of the hard work you've put into something you love, but still requires practice and effort!


  1. Way to go, Bub! (And way to go, Mom and Dad!) It's so fun to watch our kids blossom.

  2. I join you in congratulating your son. Well done!
    May he have a wonderful school year and reap the benefits of the training an discipline he has learned.

  3. Good on ya!

    I was a lifeguard, too, for 11 years. It's a neat environment.


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