Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Avatar Girl

Let me precursor this to say, we've not even seen the movie Avatar, but we have seen enough adds and hype to have a general idea of what the characters look like.

We didn't think competitive swimming was a contact sport -- until yesterday's practice that is. Peach was working on some laps while two of her teammates were practicing their flip turns. They collided, and Peach came out of it looking a little worse for wear. Especially today. Thankfully, it was not a blow to the skull or it could have been much worse. Bub and his friends F and M likely could have practiced their newly acquired lifeguarding skills.

                        Pre contact swimming.                                                 Post contact swimming.

She looks, how shall we say,.......interesting? Bub thought she looked like a character out of Avatar. She's a tough cookie, my sweet girl. She's already tried her goggles on in the hope that she can still swim in the meet on Saturday. What a girl!!


  1. ugh that must of hurt...I wish I had pictures to share of when my son got pitched a baseball right in the face hit his eye and cheekbone was just awful to look at...Hope she feels better soon and gets to swim in her meet.~Love Heather

  2. You've got a bruised Peach... glad it wasn't any worse.

    Maybe it'll give her a competitive edge (intimidation factor?) over the other swimmers at the meet! (Joking!)


  3. Lol! We were just saying at supper that the poor girl that hit her is going to be mortified at practice tomorrow morning when she sees Peach. She already felt horrible about it yesterday when they collided. It's starting to bruise around Peach's eyes now. Oooooh! She is going to look funny when she sings on Sunday ;OS!

  4. Oh dear! I thought soccer was bad! I would cringe every time Aleece would run down the field and take a tumble! Even with the injury she is sure cute! Got to love her spirit!

  5. Ouch! Sweet and tough, sounds like a good combination in today's world, especially in professing to be a Christian.

    I hope she does well in Saturday's meet.

  6. Oh, poor girly. She is beautiful even swollen.

  7. She is still very beautiful! Tough girl for being ready to start again.
    I have been out of the loop and forgot to check on your blog. I love seeing what is going on in your world. btw...I want one of those puppies! So cute!

  8. You realize, of course, that the girl in Avatar was stunning!

    Hang in there, Peach!


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