Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bub gets a Buzz

Last week I talked about Bub and Buzz. This week he gets one -- a buzz cut that is. He decided he needed more streamlined hair before the swim meet this morning, so we cut it all nice and short yesterday evening after a day at the beach.

I think he looks far more handsome with it short.

Peach quite likes his new 'do too and couldn't resist rubbing his head on occasion :o).


  1. Oh, Bub. He's definitely one of my favorite teenagers at the moment!

  2. So handsome!!
    Love how the siblings seem so close!
    And, you cut his hair. Great job!

  3. Every summer until last summer I had at least one boy willing to get a buzz. No more. They have gotten too big...........or so they think. But I will always love the clean fresh look of blondie boy buzzes. :)

  4. Well, he's a handsome guy either way, but I'm a sucker for short hair!

    We have a "Summer Buzz Off" and cut 'em all short. I think I may do it one more time before we go camping.

    How's Peach's eye "blooming"?


  5. I remember the short haircuts that were to make one lightening fast in the water. I was thankful the girls did not follow suit, and swimming caps proved to be enough. Yet, I do remember cringing when I heard some of those girls were shaving other parts of their body in order not to cause undue "friction" in the their minds anyway. I can't keep from wondering if they have a massive amount of body hair on their bodies today due to this practice!

    He looks handsome with his haircut I might add.


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