Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wow! It's a Hot One!

We're on day four of 34 degrees Celsius. Add the humidex (is this just a Cdn. Word?) to that and you're talking a feeling of 40 Celsius. My dad thought he had fixed our air conditioning on Tuesday night, but it ran for an hour and the then motor decided to burn out, so still no air. We are extremely thankful for the pool this year! It's the only thing keeping us going in this heat. The only problem is, the pool has warmed up so much it's like swimming in a bathtub. I haven't even dried off from swimming and I'm sweating again. We find relief in the breezes on the porch and in dusk. Then the temperature -- thankfully -- goes down a bit. Let me just say though, I REFUSE to complain. It is so nice to actually have the summer that we missed the past two years. They were nice, but they weren't HOT. I like to be able to swim late at night or early in the morning. To sit out on the porch in summer clothing and read and still be comfortable. To really enjoy soaking up the heat before the cooler evenings of late summer begin to kick in.

 The wheat here is ready for harvesting (almost two weeks earlier than normal. I know this because it is usually coming off around Peach's birthday on July 16th). The Engineer wonders why not more of the farmers are out on the fields working like crazy to get it off -- especially with the threat of thunderstorms tomorrow.

It's so dry that the corn in the fields in our county is curling. It hasn't done that for a few years.The beans are still faring well, which is good because they are one of the largest crops that our county produces besides wheat and corn.Our yard which was so lush and needed cutting almost every four days is beginning to look like a desert. No lawn mowing for me this week :o/.

Yesterday we enjoyed swimming at a private beach with friends. I love how kids of all ages will happily swim and play in the sand for hours on end. It was a great way to spend a very hot day!

Today we're all on the tired side. Bub went to our town pool with his buddy, K( same lad as in the photo above), while the girls and I stuck around home and swam in our pool. It's bean dip, veggies, and pitas for supper tonight. No stove, no barbeque, and definitely no oven! Then Squirt and I will enjoy some airconditioned stores while the other four attend praise team practice.

Tomorrow is supposed to provide some relief, and some much needed rain! I'm actually looking forward to it!


  1. We call it a heat index in the US. It hit 106F yesterday and today here and I AM COMPLAINING! I am not a summertime girl. Give me 75F degrees with a gentle breeze and I'm happy. Anything over that and I'm pretty miserable.

    We could sure use some rain here too. Everything is dead or dying.

    However, I am grateful for our central air conditioning. I don't know how happy I'll be when I see the bill though!

  2. That is our Sunday night dinner! I am sorry your AC is out. What a great attitude you have sister!!!! I love your pictures!!!!

  3. The lake looks gorgeous. Soak up that good sunshine!

  4. We're finally getting some heat too, though not like yours! (Probably about 29C). Sure is good to live near a lake. Even when we're not swimming, it cools the air.

    Time to set up the pool tomorrow! Enjoy yours,


  5. I can't even stand to go outside this summer! We are really lacking in rain as well. The temps I've been seeing all over on the news are really incredible.

  6. It sounds like you have a great attitude about the weather. It's hot here, too but then again it is always hot from May to October where I live! It will probably be a scorcher the day my daughter gets married in August!


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