Monday, July 26, 2010

School Days are a Comin'

I mentioned in my previous post that backpacks were bought for all four children. That of course is because they're all going to school in the fall. For one year. For now anyway. We've always taken their education one year at a time. This year their Mama's heart wasn't in it like other years, and I knew it was time to take a year off or burn out before our Little One(s) arrived sometime in the latter end of the next two years.(Or so based on a normal time line/situation that would have been the case).  The Engineer and I discussed and prayed and agreed that this was a pivotal year anyway with Bub attending high school in the fall. (I am just waaaaay to chicken to homeschool high school -- or maybe it's lazy??:o/) This was a good year to put all the girls in school too. For one year. They will be attending a local Christian school and attended for a day in late June. Peach already knows all the girls in her class from various other community things. (Oh my poor unsocialized children. How is that possible *wink wink*?!) Even the two youngest recognized some of their classmates.

In the end, I think God had a little chuckle on our behalf. So you need a break? So you're putting them all in school? Okay, go ahead, but realize your break is not going to be half as long as you think it is, so don't think that you're going to get everything done that you dream of doing. Hello, your beautiful daughters will likely be home with you all before the new year. They'll be needing lots of time, attention, and guess what!? You'll be homeschooling as recommended by the reviewing physician!

Seriously?!?  I still grin when I think about that. God has been leading us and guiding us each step of the way through this whole adoption process, so we know His ways are higher than our ways. I may not get everything done that I dream of doing, but we get something way better! The arrival of our daughters!! Sonlight Pre K curriculum here I come!! I think I'll wait 'til late fall before I make my order though... After all, I thought I would have a year off :o)!

In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.
Proverbs 16:9


  1. So exciting! Praying for you all for these new changes:O)

  2. So exciting all the things going on over here.... our son starts highschool also on the 12th~ Praying God meets all your needs this year and may His Grace and Love be over your family in all things ~Blessings Love Heather

  3. Wow! Big changes coming your way! Have your children ever been in school? Maybe I missed something, but you are adopting twins? How exciting! How old will they be?

  4. Oh, this is going to be some kind of wonderful year for you guys. Exciting times!! I love that you live in a place where you kids already know children in their classes. God is so good to us!

  5. Ahhh... silly me. I thought the backpacks were for traveling to the Philippines!

    But it's all good.

    God leads. You follow. Amen.


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