Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Finally Some Documents

Yesterday I was at the breaking point of waiting. "If we didn't hear something tomorrow," I thought, "I will go nuts!"

I woke up today hoping feeling that today would be the day and it was!!! Our practitioner called shortly after 9:00 am. We were just home from swim team, so I was able to pick up the phone and chat with her. She told me she would be emailing three large documents. They all came through in less than ten minutes after our phone call, and I spent the rest of the morning poring over them, while I forwarded them to the Engineer at work.

Ohhhh, what precious little girls they are! It breaks my heart to read what they have been through already in their short lives. They are fighters that's for sure. We can hardly wait to bring them home!

The Engineer sent off their medical reports to a doctor. in Minnesota. This doctor, along with a team of other skilled doctors, specializes in reviewing the medicals of children adopted internationally. They know that what we interpret here to mean one thing does not necessarily mean the same thing as in say Russia, or the Philippines for example. Hopefully we will receive a full report back by late Friday if not sooner.

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