Monday, July 5, 2010

1000 Gifts

holy experience

Life can be so busy. If we're not running from one appointment to the next, its lessons, games, or practices. Somewhere in there food needs to be bought and made, houses need to be cleaned (I know mine does), laundry needs to be done, and children need to be bathed (at least occasionally anyways:o)).

Sometimes in all the busyness, its hard to remember that God is in the midst of it and there are always things to be thankful for.

Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth. Psalm 46:10

This weeks gifts #'s 561 - 594

Celebration of Canada's birthday.

Fun times with family.

Safety while out and about on Canada Day.

Cooler temperatures for a few days.


For keeping my garden growing.

For drinking.

For keeping us cool.

For robins to enjoy bathing in.

Floors that are almost completed in the basement rooms.

A sweet husband who works hard on his days off to get said floors completed.

Children who love new things and immediately take joy in them by spreading their things all over it :oS.

Children who are content to swim and read all day.

Praying friends -- in blog land and on the homefront.

Fresh cherries! Yum!

New potatoes!

Comfortable summer skirts and dresses.

A vegetable garden that is thriving.

The scent of drying hay baking in the hot sun.
A very quiet Sunday morning. (My family left early for praise team practice).

Witnessing the covenant of baptism in our morning service.

Bleach to get the smelly odors out of my dishrags.

Driving in our 17 y.o. car with the windows down and the Christian radio cranked.
Speaking of, Christian radio.

Fellow adoptive families.

Afternoons in the sunshine swimming and visiting with friends.

Children and friends who play beautifully together.

Reading until dark in our screen in porch swing.

Swimming before breakfast. Thank you Cathy for blogging about it.

Decreased laundry loads because swimsuits seem to be the standard attire these days.

Newly hung wash lines thanks to the Engineer. I now have five again! Yay!

Sun dried, fresh aired sheets. Mmmm!

The loud song of the first cicada.It's definitely July!

If you would like to take time out from the busyness of life and focus on the many blessings God has given you, consider joining the gratitude community at Holy Experience.


  1. Thanks for the reminders! I needed that.

  2. Those sheets look like they smell so fresh! You my friend do have a lot to be thankful for!!!PTL!!!!!

  3. Wonderful! Especially all that reading and swimming!


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