Friday, June 4, 2010

What's Bloomin'?

I can't believe how beautiful the gardens are this time of year. The meteorologists are predicting a hot dry summer, so I've been making a point of enjoying them now while they're so lush.

This is just a little of what blooming around here right now. I'd love to see your gardens too, so feel free to leave a link in the comments section!


  1. Beautiful!!!!!!!! Enjoy your hard work mama!

  2. So totally beautiful! Wow now I wouldn't mind looking at that all day.


  3. Oh, how I wish I had a garden! You are an AMAZING photographer. WOW...such beautiful pictures...each one could be framed and hung on a wall. So very glad that you posted all of those beautiful shots of God's creation.
    It will be hot here. How hot will it be there?

  4. Deborah,
    Thanks for sharing your lovely corner of the world. Our flowers and foods are a little different than yours :) so I love to experience the seasons through your garden!

  5. The LORD knew we needed words and pictures. Beautiful!

  6. Amazing photos! We just moved this past winter so this spring has been one of discovery...there aren't many flowers...I've bought some and am looking forward to putting in the if it could stop raining for a couple of days...we could get our dumptruck of dirt delivered...and get to the planting!

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. YOu are a wonderful photographer! I can't take a picture to save my life... oh well.

    We are getting a lot of rain here also, but everything is looking so lush and green! Glad I got the garden IN before our trip!

  8. Poppies and peonies! Gorgeous, Deborah!

  9. A combining of some of my passions. Photography and gardening.

    Annesta, it usually gets into the mid to uppers 80's Farenheit and even the low 90's. We usually have a lot of humidity though too which makes it feel hotter (stickier) than it really is.

  10. love love these photos , Deborah.

    I spent all day weeding and pruning after a few days of rain.


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