Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Huge Surprise

As I was supposed to be getting ready for the dentist to have a filling redone, our adoption agency called. I have to confess, I hesitated to pick it up as I thought it would have something to do with some paperwork needed, and well, that could be taken care of later.

I am so glad I answered it!! It was our practitioner calling about a sibling group of three beautiful healthy little girls. Yes, three little girls. (Nathanael was initially very upset by the news). It came as a complete surprise to all of us to receive this phone call.

This is not a match that has been made by the ICAB in the Philippines, but rather these little sweetlings are on the PI's waiting children list. I guess perhaps because they're a sibling group of three?  Both our practitioner and her receptionist saw the girls and the description and right away thought of us. We had a couple of concerns so Murray came home early, and we conference called with our practitioner.

We have decided to proceed with the next step to receive more information. I can't remember if the ICAB needs to choose us first, or if because we have indicated an interest that we will receive more information. Regardless, this in no way negatively affects our file that has only been sitting there for not quite four months!

Here is some basic information about these beautiful little girls:

Child A is a friendly and obedient child. She attends school and can count from 1 to ten and is familiar with the letters of the alphabet. She can write her name well and likes to color. She enjoys school and likes to participate in outdoor activities. She also likes to dance and to sing well.  She is affectionate and has a good relationship with her younger siblings.

Child B is a friendly and playful girl. She likes to play around the house and watch television. When she really wants something and does not get it, she sometimes gets upset. She is friendly and mingles with the centre's visitors easily.

Child C is also a friendly and active child. She mingles with children easily and likes to play with them. She can only speak few words. Though she can speak few words she is observed to be talkative. She is obedient and follows the instructions of her caregivers.

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