Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Early Morning Quiet

These days I awaken to the sound of the birds and the wind billowing through the sheers on the window. It is almost chilly in our room, so I either pull the blankets tighter around me and sneak in a little more sleep, or I rise and spend my quiet time in actual quiet.

The children are in bed later these days and spend hours in the fresh air, so they aren't as willing to rise early.

All except one that is: Beans is our early riser.

 I quite enjoy these quiet mornings.

For more sixty seconds on Tuesday, visit Jenny's beautiful blog at Just a Minute.

**Note: There is no photo of Bub because his room is much darker yet in the early morning and I knew he would be very unimpressed with his mom if I took a photo of him sleeping.


  1. I love the quiet early summer mornings bring. And when they get up, the day is already calling them outside again.

  2. I just have to laugh at your pictures and your comment about your sweet Bub! I dare say my girls would not have been very charitable toward their mom if I had taken pictures of them sleeping.
    I do love early mornings, too, although it is difficult for me to wake up these days.
    Your summer routine sounds peaceful and lovely. Enjoy as your little ones will all too soon be gone!

  3. I love how u put that..."spending your quiet time in actual quiet."
    I never get that, unless I wait until nap time:O)
    I look forward to that season!!!!!


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