Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Wee Houseguest

We are having two rooms in our basement drywalled. I know a little bit about our drywaller through Sue's blog, as he is her husband's dad, so it was no surprise (to me)  to see the wee critter in his truck when Mr. N came to do some sanding and mudding yesterday. The kids on the other hand, were amazed to see the wee guy.

We were all thrilled to meet this little guy and enjoyed feeding to him and listening to his purring chatter -- until we were late for French class.

God's creation is so marvelous and I am thankful for other Christians who care so deeply for His handiwork. Mr. N will raise this little guy until he is ready to be re-released into the wild. So awesome!

Do you think his fur is soft or course?


  1. so cute! What a fun zoology class:O)

  2. Wow!

    His fur sure looks soft, but something about the way you ask makes me wonder if it's coarse?

    Raccoons sure are adorable when they're little, but there will be a drastic change when it hits raccoon "puberty". Glad to hear he'll be released :D


  3. What a sweet little house guest!

  4. He's so, so adorable. I'll bet his fur is coarse. My cousins had a pet raccoon, Rocky, for a while when we were all kids. He was charming until he got bigger and begin shredding my aunt's furniture with his claws.

  5. My guess is the furr is coarse and not soft. It looks soft. He sure is a blessed wee little creature to find refuge in your warm home.

  6. Oh, he's so adorable! I want to hold him!

  7. My Sarah says, "bristley soft" :-)

  8. Oh my - isn't he one of the cutest things ever! What a treat for your family to meet and feed such a gorgeous creature. I have a feeling the fur is coarse.

  9. This is precious. I can not wait to share it with my girls. Judging by the way in which your daughter is holding it, I would say soft fur.


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