Saturday, May 29, 2010

Some Knitting

My dear blogging friend Pom Pom has asked to see what Peach and I have been knitting. We've been using the looms she received at Christmas. We are making wee hats for the NICU babies as well as some as props for photographing babies. Our willing model for these hats was so easy to work with ;o)!

 Oh, and the long pale purple thing is a scarf  I worked on crocheting whenever we were going somewhere and I was not the driver. I'm thinking it needs some sequins randomly stitched on it. Yes?


  1. You can sew, you can knit, you can cook, you can homeschool your children...yes, you.are.amazing!
    The hats are precious and what a wonderful ministry. I can only imagine how comforting it is for new parents of preemies to have one of this warm, fuzzy hats to keep their wee baby warm. And the purple scarf is beautiful just like it is!

  2. Thank you for showing your sweet projects and guess what? That dolly is Baby Dear!

  3. You are all so talented!

    The hats look very snuggly :D


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  5. Soooooooooooooo cute - both the knitting and the wee babe!

  6. We had a little one in NICU, and I'm sure that the parents of those sweet babies will adore those hats made with love!

    My two-year-old loves Eloise Wilkins, and I just read her "Baby Dear" before her nap yesterday afternoon.

    Wish I could soak up some of your creativity, you Proverbs 31 woman!


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