Sunday, May 16, 2010

Some Big Changes Going on Here

Since beginning the adoption process, life has gotten quite out of hand here. First we had months of paperwork, meetings,  and seminars (which meant trips to Toronto).  Even before we signed off on all of that, we started a big job for our church creating a new photo directory. We've been gone A LOT in the past twelve months. Things at home have gone undone too long, messes have been made that haven't been cleaned up properly, and suddenly we're realizing why.

One, we had bitten off a little more than we can chew, but chew it we did and swallowed too. 

Two, we've discovered in the past month or so that our house is simply too small for all of us anymore. With possibly two new Little Ones being added to our family we've been trying to decide whether to sell and buy, build new, or simply add on. We've looked around a bit. I fell in love with a home not too far from here, but it sold even before the Engineer could see it. Building just doesn't seem feasible, and we really like where we're living now. So, I (because the Engineer was in Red Deer on business) met with our architect on Thursday evening. It looks like we're adding on. This coming week, P will come back to us with some sketches of what he thinks might work for us. I just hope it's something we can afford!

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