Thursday, May 6, 2010

Love it or List it

Caution: Extremely rambling post with no real conclusion at the end :o).

Satellite television is still something of a mystery to us. I'm pretty sure it's available out here, but we don't have time to watch television anyway. I'm afraid that if we had satellite, that's all we would do is watch tv. The Engineer was in Boston this week and I had a GEMS leader's get-together, so I brought the kids to my parents. I think they watched television almost the entire evening. When I came to get them, I got lured in too.

We watched a show called Love it or List it. Fascinating!! My mom and dad said they have never once seen a family list their home after the renovations to the house had been done. The one we watched was no exception. I think it's an emotional thing. Everyone gets attached to their home no matter how crazy it drives them. In this show, they have mere moments to make a decision after seeing their newly remodeled home. I thought this family was nuts not to list theirs. The renovations resulted in them not having two long flights of stairs, but three, and due to building code issues the costs went higher than planned, so to keep the costs at the price cap the home owners set, the designers couldn't even finish the basement -- and that's where the laundry is. I've been there done that and it's no fun (especially at nine months pregnant).

The house that they could have bought was brand new with an old world feel and perfect!!  It would have met their family's needs far better than their renovated home. I wonder how they'll feel about having stayed one year later? They should do a series Love it or List it One Year Later.

I precursor all that rambling to say, I'd love to put our home on the show. We already love our house too, but we're bursting at the seams, and with a new Little One arriving in the next 21mos., we're having a hard time envisioning how we'll make it work. Perhaps, it's time to list it...


  1. I have to check that show out. So exciting the little one is coming, praises!!!!

  2. We have renovated and sold a dozen homes, and it's always hard to leave, but it's not the fixed up house that tries to hold me, it's the newly established garden: The new saskatoon plants that are about to bare, and the cherry tree that has blossoms for the first time, the Rose bush that will do so much better this year, etc. The house itself will only get worse as the days go by, the garden will get better.

  3. Careful Summur! It's addictive :o)!

    Carol that is so true!! That is what we were struggling the most with leaving behind. Now though, I'm happy to say that we a staying (for a few more months anyway) :o).

    Thank you for stopping by!


  4. I LOVE my house, but there are times I want to list it and move... just to go through everything and purge!

    It's funny, though, what people will put up with.

    We've remodeled two houses while we were living in them and I'm not anxious to do that again!


  5. We have done that with a dozen all while our children were growing up. We knew it had affected their lives when our married daughter took an old ladder and got her dad to turn it into a set of shelves for her teapot collection. It was just normal to have a ladder sitting in the middle of her kitchen.


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