Monday, May 10, 2010

1000 Gifts

holy experience

It's been a crazy busy five weeks. So much so that I'm feeling the downward spiral into ungratefulness and frustration. It's time to take some time to be grateful and remind myself of the abundant gifts that God has blessed me with.

465. Motherhood. Although they drive me to the brink of craziness some days. I am so thankful that God blessed us with four healthy and active children.

466. Celebrations. The marriage of the Engineer's niece to a wonderful Christian man.

467. Home. We're bursting at the seams these days in our home. We have spent a bit of time going through some homes for sale, but none of them can compare when it comes to the property. Despite the crowded conditions, our home is still home sweet home.

468. Warm sunny days. I love that we can escape outside -- even in the morning during school time.

469. My 72" deck lawn tractor. I say mine because I don't like to share it. Really, I don't. The Engineer and Bub will tell you they're not allowed to mow the lawn. Mowing the lawn is one of those things that I can do from beginning to end and not have a child mess it up less than five minutes later. It is utterly satisfying. I let them push mow ;o).

470. Flowers. The tulips are fading, but now the lilacs are blooming. One of my favorite scents!

471. Rain. It gives me an excuse to be indoors -- when I really should be outside -- and not feel guilty.

472. Inexpensive wool. Peach and I have been knitting up a storm!

473. Hammers and crowbars. The children and I are working on giving our porch a new look.

474. Flannel sheets and cozy beds. Too many late nights means I'm especially tired. Even though it's almost mid May, we're all still appreciating our flannel sheets. (There was frost again this morning)!


  1. Those are some amazing blessings mama!!!!! The lawn mowing tractor sounds like my kinda thing:O)

  2. Hi, sweet friend!
    We woke up to snow. Again. Oh well, it will nourish the dirt.
    Don't move. Soon (I'm sorry, but I must tell you that your kids are at the speedy age and soon they'll be speeding off to college - gasp!) it will be okay, just stay in your tight home and bump into each other a lot, for as long as you can. You have such a gorgeous spot. Keep it.
    Let's see the knitting! love love love

  3. Always a joy to read your grateful heart blogs.

  4. I am so glad to read from someone else that their children drive them to the brink of craziness some days! We've had a rough May so far with me wanting to run away many days. My 4yo has suddenly become the fussiest creature on the planet with the 11yo adding to many of his meltdowns.

    I know you've mentioned how much you like mowing, but I had forgotten. I love to mow as well with the exception of around the pond. Hubby can do that to his hearts desire. I have no desire to be chased by water moccasins!


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