Monday, April 5, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

It's that time already again. Time to plan supper time meals.  I currently have Monday's meal baking in the oven, and it's smelling wonderful!

Monday: Turkey pot pie. I was going to add a salad, but it already has lots of healthy veggies in it, so I decided not to :o).

Tuesday: Brown rice and lentil salad.

Wednesday: Caribbean chicken, brown rice, and grilled cruciferous veggies.

Thursday: Orange roughy, baked grains pilaf, and a toss salad.

Friday: Mexican soup, whole grain bread.

Saturday: Roasted sweet potatoes, brown rice patties.

Sunday: Meal in a bowl soup, whole wheat biscuits.

For more great menu ideas (and recipes too!) Go here at Laura's blog at I'm an Organizing Junkie.


  1. I think Thursday will be the day I come visit! :)
    Sounds so yummy all week. Your family is so blessed to have you at the helm in the kitchen!

  2. I love Mondays!!!! I get to pretend I am joining you for a meal:O)

  3. You are all welcome to join us anytime!


  4. Oh, there you go again! Your meals sound delicious---I'm hungry already!

  5. Great menu! I love orange roughy!


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