Thursday, April 8, 2010


I finally taught myself to crochet two summers ago. I really haven't made anything yet except a dishrag -- and now a little purse. I've washed it and it still won't lay flat. I don't get it? Why does it always roll up? Oh well, I'll chalk it up to experience. Maybe I should starch it?

Next up, to figure out how to make grannie squares and figure out how to follow a pattern. It's kind of hard to do when I can't understand more than the basic stitches. Maybe I need to take a class...


  1. I'm not so great at crochet. I made some dishrags and they ended up slanted. It was weird.

    When I was kind of teaching myself to knit, I watched videos on YouTube and that helped ENORMOUSLY. YouTube is nice because if one video isn't clear, there are usually plenty of other suggestions, plus the videos are short, so you can replay them as much as you need to to 'get' it.

  2. It is beautiful! Love the spring colors. you did a great job!

  3. I think you perhaps need to do an edge like in the picture.

  4. you are already WAY ahead of me - I have never managed to progress on from being able to do a chain. Only so many metres you can do of that before it gets boring! :)

  5. You're way ahead of me! And it's cute, even if it rolls.

    Gunnar just came by, recognized your blog and said, "Oh! It's your friend from Canada! And her blog is such a nice green!"

    Yay spring!

  6. I need to take a class, too. I like it, but the patterns seem so tedious. I like your purse! Way to go!

  7. The first things I ever crocheted, long ago, were circular wool hot pads, not potholders, but to set hot things on, like trivets. I still use many of them. Sometimes I made two and crocheted them together, so they are very thick. But it was hard to learn how to keep them flat as I crocheted around and around. At least, since they had hot pots set down on them, they all flattened eventually!

  8. You could try blocking it and see if that would help. If not a different edge crocheted on might keep it from rolling.
    It is quite cute and way ahead of just chalking it up to experience.

    I wished you lived closer by, I would consider it the best of times to help in any way.


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