Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Full Fun Filled Weekend

Friday evening was mother-daughter night at GEMS. It was a fun filled evening of games food, and laughter.The theme was backwards night. We had to dress backwards.

Saturday morning we were on the road by 8:30 am to go hunting tundra swans (with our cameras of course). We were far more successful than we dreamed we would be. It was exciting because we have wanted to do this for years, but have always missed it due to, well -- life :o). They are in our area in abundance for such a short time. What magnificent birds they are!

Saturday night, we went to M and J's engagement party/buck and doe. What a fun evening! My SIL (her girls, well, and me too) do not like traditional showers (sorry), so they wanted to do something that would be fun and encompass the guys too. So, they rented their small town bowling alley (an impressive relic from the past! It hasn't been modernized at all, but is in beautiful condition). Judging by the number of folks bowling, the laughter and the chatting, everyone had a great time. I know we did!

 The bride and groom busy in conversations with friends.

We were thankful that Sunday is a day of worship and rest!


  1. What a great idea for a shower!!! I do not enjoy traditional showers either. Now this I could do:O) Have a great week!!!

  2. Gorgeous swans, a fun girls' evening... and what a great idea! Is the bowling alley really that tiny? It's wonderful!

  3. Yes, Julie. It's that tiny. Neat eh? I love small towns!


  4. Looks like fun!! The swan shots are wonderful. I was once at a teeny tiny bowling alley in the mountains of Colorado at a ladies' retreat. It cracked me up that it was so small. Even funnier, because we'll be at a big old full-size bowling alley this afternoon for the boys' homeschool league.

  5. I enjoyed all the pics of the swans - magnificent! Dressing backwards looks fun. I'll have to give my boys the option of having a backwards day. :)


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