Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Baby No More

Her other one is loose too, but will she pull it out? No, it must be hanging by a thread first :o).

Soon there really will be no more babies in our house...


    Oh, how I remember those days. And yes, I had one that had to leave her tooth hanging by a thread! I was always afraid she would swallow one.

  2. What a huge landmark! Wait until the last one learns to drive. I counted that a great achievement!

  3. Gunnar DID swallow his last one. Ewwww.

    She looks adorable. I love it when they lose the two top front teeth :D

    So no babies... for awhile, anyway... or are you planning on adopting older? Or, do you have any idea what age you'll be matched with? Boy or girl?

  4. My goodness, my Emma's the same way. Ridiculous! :) Love her braids. Why didn't I realize you had this other blog? I'm so slow.

  5. Darling!! What a sweetie. My "baby" is five. Time goes so fast!

  6. Annesta,I am a little worried she is going to swallow one sometime too.

    Oh dear Pom Pom! I'm dreading when the first one learns to drive. I'll try not to think about the last one for awhile yet :o).

    Julie, I think I remember reading about your tooth swallower. If Squirt swallows one of hers, I'm sure it will be quite a drama.

    We are approved for a child (or two children. There! I finally wrote it)! age six or less. The lesser end being approx. twelve months. So there is a possibility that we could end up with a wee one again, but lets just say I might go into shock ;o). Oh, and we can't choose boy or girl, but boy oh boy :o) does someone in this house want a little brother!

    Beth, it took me awhile to clue in you had another blog (or two) too. So glad I found you again though!

    Blessings all!

  7. I remember those days - for me personally. Ha! Ha! I couldn't stand to pull my own tooth out.

    Great shots!!


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