Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dutch Pea Soup

My friend Kim asked me if I would share the recipe for my Dutch pea soup. Unfortunately, it is one of those recipes I make where I don't measure, but I will tell you what goes into it and attempt to give you a general idea of amounts. It's really very easy!

About One kg split green peas (sorry it's metric)
One large onion
Two large carrots
Four to five celery stalks

Vegetable boullion
Salt pork (optional -- or good sized spoonful of sea salt)
Two-Three bay leaves.
Cured pork sausage (optional)

Slice and dice your veggies and saute in a frying pan until softened slightly. Wash
peas and pour into cooking or crock pot over your salt pork (or add your sea salt to peas and water). Add sauteed veggies, and bay leaves. Measure out enough water to cover and add boullion to match amount of water. (eg. my boullion requires one cube for every two cups water). . Cook until peas are completely soft. Here you should be able to stir your soup and it will look like a very thick broth. Peek at soup occasionally and add some more water if you find it is looking too thick. Hint: It's getting too think if your spoon can stand up. (The Dutch like the spoon to stand up in their coffee, but it doesn't have to in the pea soup too ;o)).

If you have used salt pork, remove it from your soup and let it cool. You can then add the meat bits back into the soup. We sometimes cut up cured pork sausage and add it to the soup, but you can use ham too, or no meat at all. I find the key is to salt it liberally if you don't use the salt pork, or else it is very bland, but don't salt it so much that it gives you high blood pressure ;o). We do often have it totally meat free and it still disappears lickety split!

Serve with fresh baked bread. Yum!


  1. Ok, Deborah, I had to laugh at your comment not to add too much salt as to get high blood pressure! hehehe
    I am so ready to be able to cook's getting close to being completed so perhaps soon I can try your recipe. I will have to adjust on the meat because my husband is on a very low salt diet. I bet I can add some herbs that will give it enough flavor without having to add the salt pork or extra salt. I do love pea soup and yours looks delicious. As a matter of fact, I am a bit hungry right now!

  2. That looks scrumptious!!! My husband is not a big soup fan, but I bet this one would convert him:)

  3. I definitely have to show this to hubby - it's just the kind of dish he loves! He's our chief soup maker (and very much does so without measuring anything) so this is right up his alley. And don't feel badly about the metric ... we can put to use all the metric measurements my oldest's math lessons have dealt us this school year. :)

  4. I absolutely love soups! Thank you for the recipe. I so appreciate you taking the time to give the recipe, I am like you when it comes to making soups... just throw it all together for the most part.


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