Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Seriously Seeking Sunshine

I sent the children out promptly after lunch today. Even though some of them still had schoolwork, they were a little stir crazy -- as am I. Unlike them though, I can always find something to do, whereas their idea of something to do is to pester whomever is closest to them -- well, that or horse around upstairs so much that I'm afraid the ceiling might come crashing down on my head!

I went outside with them too. I was going to try a couple of new (to me) ideas with the camera, but this icky cold-but-melting-because-it's-just-above-freezing weather, was not bringing out a single creative bone in my body, so instead, I put my gear away again and went for a brisk twenty minute walk up and down the laneway. You know how people say they always feel much more energetic after exercising? I am NOT one of them. Whenever I finish exercising, I want nothing more than to go for a nap. I am soooo out of shape!

Playing on the ever-shrinking snow hill our neighbour made when he plowed out the lane.

About an hour and a half after we came in, the sun poked out for a little while. It's amazing how just a few moments of sunshine blazing in can totally lift one's countenance -- and reveal all the dust ;o)! Now, as I type, it is snowing. So much for our sunshine, but it just might make tomorrow's world a little more inspiring to take photos of again.


  1. So glad you got to feel the sun for a few moments sometimes that is the best thing to do and one of the greatest joys of being able to homeschool packing it up and heading outside. ~Enjoy your day Blessings Heather :)

  2. I'm envious of your snow... but I don't have to drive in it!


  3. LOl, We had a few sun coming in the window moments, and I am cracking up because I just noticed a lot of dust around here. Your outside pics look great!

  4. Needing a nap after exercise.. actually needing a nap without exercise too.. Hurrah for the naps. Glad you had some sunshine! I love the white pines/ evergreens. And "hoot" makes me think you're part Scandinavian..


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