Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Little Clarification :o)

Thank you all of you for your kind words regarding my cards. I thought I should clarify why I say card making is not one of my gifts. The truth is that I rarely to never make cards on my own. I have lots of the materials, but I simply have no ideas on what to make or even how to make them. You also didn't see the duds I made before the final photographed products. The heart one? Probably one of the easier ones to make, but that whole inking around the outside? I take it to a whole new level and usually end up with ink on the outside on the inside, on the back, on pieces that aren't supposed to be inked, and all over my hands too. Really!

I guess I've always thought that if its a gift that it comes naturally to the individual. Maybe that's not quite right. Some people are naturally gifted in certain areas and yet do not like -- or want -- to use their gifts. For others it may not come so naturally, but they very much enjoy what they are doing. Perhaps I fit that second category.  God designed me with a very strong desire to create. So much so that if I don't get time to make SOMEthing at least once a day, I go a little squirrely! I MUST work with my hands everyday making something -- even if its a few rows of knitting. That's why blogging has been so good for me. It combines my love of writing, with my love of photography, and my desire to create. Best of all! I have met so many wonderful Christian women on here whom I would love to sit and chat with over a cup of tea, coffee -- whatever your preference :o).

So when I say, it's not my gift, I mean it simply doesn't come naturally to me -- not that I can't make it look at least presentable ;o). Now off I go to sew -- and sewing certainly does not come naturally to me, but in a frustrating way I do quite enjoy it at times!

What do you think? Are gifts and talents the same thing? Are we born with them? If we are then shouldn't we love to use them?


  1. I don't think the Lord cares if we are really good at something - I think it's just a little perk (He gives so MANY of these!) of creating when we feel a surge of joy in the process. I think the important gifts are loving and listening and YOU are awesome at those two eternal things. I love my friendship with YOU!

  2. I'm thinking about this... not in terms of Official Spiritual Gifts, but in terms of "giftedness". I look at it this way.

    My sister is naturally gifted, artistically. She has also taken classes that develop and enhance her skill.

    I could take the same classes (or more!) and work at it until the day I die, and I could improve but I would never have her skill.

    If you gave me the exact same materials you used to create those cards, I would never come up with such lovely things.

    ... and you may feel that way about yourself when you look at someone else's work, so that's what we all get for comparing ourselves ;D

    But, I second Pom Pom's thought - you're an excellent friend that I'm happy to have met in the big, old interwebby world.


  3. Gift and talents...that is a very interesting question. I do believe that we are predisposed to having talents or gifts. I also believe that God gives us those talents. If we embrace what He has graciously given us, then yes, we should love to use them.
    Somethings that we do may be a struggle but other things come easier to us.
    Whatever we do, we should do for the glory of God.

  4. I am like you. Not naturally talented, but I enjoy it.....although I have a hard time believing you are not naturally talented:)

  5. The God I worship and serve is the Creator of all things, therefore, I can't help but believe that He has created in each of us a desire to create, and furthermore, wants us to enjoy it. The Word says we were created for His pleasure and like you I take great pleasure in just the process of creating. This in itself, to me, is one of the greatest gifts.

    Even if I consider myself only a mediocre creator of another man's genius.


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