Sunday, January 10, 2010


The sun was sparkling like a million diamonds off the snow and the frost on the trees as we drove to church this morning. At church we mourned with church members in the death of a loved one and celebrated with members in the baptism of their sweet baby girl.

At home after church, the sunshine pouring in the windows warmed the south side of the house. Outside it was bitterly cold, but inside, mmm, warmth and brightness. We're enjoying a day of rest. Each family member puttering with or doing what brings them joy.

The Engineer is playing with the camera, and puttering on the computer, Bub is designing and photographing his LEGO projects. (He's doing a photo a day with LEGO). Peach is voraciously reading through another large tome. Beans and Squirt are inseparable and remarkably not a fight has occurred yet. They are each other's best friends finding many hours of entertainment in colouring, playing with modeling clay, and perhaps watching a movie.

Me? I'm sitting soaking up what remains of the day's sunlight. I'm curled in a throw, sipping hot tea, and catching up on my favorite blogs. I even took a long nap today! Days like these bring me joy and provide me with fuel to get through another busy and full week.

How about you what brings you joy?


  1. What a lovely afternoon! The photo is wonderful. I would so enjoy an afternoon like this. Although I have no southern windows. :( Only east and west.

    Your wall looks similar in color to one of ours. I love the shelf with photos on it. I've been wondering how I want to arrange photos on my red wall (black framed, of course), and I really like this. You may find that it shows up on my blog at some point. If so, I'll be sure and link you.

    Truly a joy for such a blessed day!

  2. That looks and sounds very cozy!

    When I see pics of your house I always imagine the big front porch facing south. Does it?

    Happy Sunday,


  3. Hi dear Deborah! I always LOVE hearing from you. Your Sunday was lovely! Your soft, loving chairs offer a sweet nesting place for the busy mama of a happy family. I hope you have a peaceful, joyful, and WARM week. (Big HUG!)

  4. It was a nice day! It felt so good to relax after a very busy Friday and Saturday.

    Dianne, I would love to see photos of your finished shelf and framed photos. My dad made the shelf for us. When we moved we made sure we wrote it out of the offer because we wanted to be sure it moved with us.

    Julie, you are totally correct the front porch does face the front. We spend a lot of time on it in the spring when the lake effect winds from the north love to blow.

    Pom Pom, I always LOVE hearing from you too!

    May you all have a joy filled week!


  5. If could just step right into your photo and sit down in the other comfy chair and visit with you, I certainly would! What a pleasant picture you have created in words and photography.

  6. Hi Deborah! I just saw your blog name in the list over at Ann Voskamp's and so i thought i'd pop in and see how your doing. What a beautiful, warm, and joyful post you've written here... i just love days like that! So what brings me joy? i've got something to tell you... head on over if you'd like... :)


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