Sunday, December 20, 2009


The busiest weekend of our holiday season has come to a wonderful finish in the culmination of the children's Christmas program at church this evening. It went very well. No shepherds knocked out any sheep with their staffs, but there was some sort of a battle going on between a shepherd and sheep in the front row (brothers in real life, so perhaps it was to be expected).

The occasional line was forgotten and there seemed to be quite a few yawning little ones, but no tears, no brawls, and no attempts to outsing each other like the program we saw on Friday evening. The kids all did wonderfully and seemed to have a great time doing it. Perhaps it was because they knew they get a goody bag and hot chocolate at the end of the evening :o). It was a special time to watch the children retell that most beautiful of stories -- the story of our Saviour's birth.

This is too funny not to tell. There was one costume malfunction. It happened to be mine. I bent down to get one of the little boys a tie out of one of the Rubbermaid boxes, and the seam on my dress pants let go! (I knew there was a reason I mostly wear skirts!!) I snuck off to the bathroom and safety pinned the seat of my pants. Thankfully you couldn't tell as they're very loose. I was very cautious about rising and sitting the rest of the evening and glad that the lighting was fairly dim. I'm still grinning about it as I type.

I mentioned in the first paragraph that we saw a Christmas program on Friday night as well. It was called 2000 Candles. It is four actors who retell the Christmas story in a hilarious and poignant was through multiple vignettes. They had their audience in absolute stitches with laughter at times. It was so well done! I hope they're in the area again next year.

Yesterday, was the Engineer's family Christmas. His family is quite large as there are five siblings and sixteen grandchildren. Some of the grands are getting up there and are even married now. So if everyone is together, we have almost 30 of us. We rent the local church and have dinner in the fellowship area.

The Engineer his niece, her fiancé and I snuck away for an hour or so to do their engagement photos in the afternoon. They are one of the most photogenic couples we have ever had the pleasure of taking pictures for. I am already quite looking forward to their wedding in May!

Despite its busyness, it was a fun weekend, but I am glad it's over. Now I have costumes to wash, but not before I revel in sleeping in tomorrow morning!


  1. Way to go! Job well done! Beautiful photos!

  2. Oh, how beautiful :0) The Christmas pageant, the costumes, and your photo at the end.

    OOPS! Sorry about the "wardrobe malfunction" but glad you got it covered!



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