Sunday, December 13, 2009

Birthday Girl

Our baby girl turned seven yesterday. (As I type she is having a meltdown from a couple too many late nights. Good thing they can sleep in a little tomorrow)!

It was a different sort of day for Squirt. I had to be at the church to go over costumes for the kids' Christmas program, then we did some other errands, and went to family day at a local nursery/greenhouse. It was a beautiful day ( a little on the chilly side), but we quite enjoyed the wagon ride.

It was a quiet afternoon of quickly tidying and cleaning the house, and then the Engineer, Bub, Squirt, and I all sat down to watch a short movie while we ate lasagne, salad, and garlic bread. The two sisters had a Friday to Saturday sleepover at Closeby Gramma and Grampa's.

Just after six, the Sisters returned with Gramma and Grampa and Uncle R, Aunt J and the cousins came too. The kids played and played, while the adults played games, and discussed the world's problems ;o). We of course had cake, but it wasn't a typical birthday cake. I am thankful for the occasional trip to the Big City, so we can do some shopping at Costco.

The cake was delicious! And yes, there are a couple of frogs sitting on it. (Wouldn't you love to have a pond of mango glaze)!?

I'm not sure where the seven years have gone since the birth of my last baby, but they have never been dull since. Perhaps it's a birth order thing, but Squirt is by far our most precocious child. She continues to challenge us with her strong willed nature, but we enjoy how interesting she makes life for us. She is a precious gift from God and our lives would not be as full and fun as they are with out her. Thank you Lord, for blessing us with our little girl!


  1. Happy Birthday to Squirt! Happy St. Lucia Day, too!

  2. Happy birthday to your little squirt:)
    That cake looks great!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday to Squirt ~What an adorable cake....and yes where does the time go?????~Blessings Heather

  4. Meltdowns are the ticket when there have been too many late nights,indeed. We have had a few of those around our house too lately.

    You have two December babies! Don't you appreciate Mary's plight of traveling to Bethlehem so much more from being pregnant during this time?

    I love the mango glaze, and the frogs too, of course!

  5. Happy Birthday!!! Sounds like she had a great day!


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