Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Small Town Life

When I was young I used to scorn the idea of living in a small town. I really don't know why, but it was probably something my peers instilled in me. Today I love it!! Even though we don't actually live in a small town, we live very close to not one but two of them.

I love going into the grocery store and having the cashiers, bakery staff, etc. say hello and chat, exclaim how big the kids are and generally keep me up to date on the happenings of the town. The only drawback I've found is, there is no anonymity and you always feel you have to have your hair done, nails clean etc. Guaranteed you will meet someone you know!

I love our little coffee shop. It's quaint and classy and has delicious healthy meals. Another great feature is that it is attached to a little health food store. Organic foods, delicious teas, gluten free products, etc. are sold there. The Engineer go about every other week or so to enjoy a cup of coffee (me) hot chocolate (him) and (yes, bad I know) we each have a butter tart. These are the best butter tarts in the world -- at least in my humble opinion they are! After our hot drinks we usually go pick up something or other in the shop next door.

Today, the kids and I were in the other small town. It isn't as small as the one I just described above, but it certainly has its charm too. I'm excited that they will be opening an open air market in the spring that will host not one, not two, but three organic farmers! I can't wait to start going there regularly.

In the end I blather all this today to say the we've been having to park on the main street because of the construction for the market. (The children attend French classes at the library). While walking to the library we passed a pick up truck with the words Predator Birds on the side. I glanced in the truck and there sitting on his very own perch was a beautiful hawk. I stopped the kids to show them too. I made them stay at a safe distance in order not to scare the bird. We were amazed at his beautiful feathers, bright eyes, and inquisitiveness. As we continued walking we passed the pizza place where his owner was having lunch and keeping a close eye on his truck. He smiled and waved and pointed to the truck.

It was kind of a high point to my day. I love birds of prey! It was neat to see this beautiful creature close up and obviously well cared for doing a job that comes naturally to him. His owner obviously took great care of him and I'm sure has a job that he totally loves. Bub admitted to me later that he filed that in his brain as a possible career choice. He knows he wants to work with wild animals in their care and preservation.

It was just one of those cool days where it could only happen in a small town.


  1. Beautiful. I felt warm all over and under as I read your story of small towns, coffee shops, organic health food stores, and hawks resting in a truck while curious children peek in to see. Then I saw the picture and read His Words; warm thoughts were taken to an even higher level.

  2. Hi sweet friend!
    Have you read Red Tails in Love? I think that's the title. It's about two hawks in Central Park NYC.
    I had a handsome hawk on the wire behind my house this summer. Aren't they so nice to honor us with their presence?


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