Monday, November 16, 2009

A Host of Blessings

holy experience

It's been a really busy few weeks, but it's time to get back on the gratitude track before I forget that it's the little things that in the end are the most important.

282. Continued good health.

283. Feeling a little more on track with meals and chores, etc.

284. Some great book finds at the second hand store.

285. Wonderful blogging friends.

286. Still on track with our school year.

287. Children who are happy to be with their family.

288. Warm fall days.

289. Family walks.

290. Time to do errands on my own.

291. Catching up with photographer friends and

292. celebrating their new big steps/successes with them.

293. Cozy blankets to curl up under.

294. Lots of craft ideas for the winter months.

295. A fun and educational vacation.

296. Quiet evenings.

297. Time to play as a family.

298. God's sustaining word.

299. Slippers.

300. Regular visitors at our bird feeder.

301. Gardens ready for winter.

302. Water, cool, refreshing, thirst quenching water!

303. Sunshine pouring in my front windows.

304. Music -- both to listen to and to play.

305. Freshly laundered clothing.

306. A good night's sleep.

307. Children who are not only siblings, but friends.


  1. Wonderful what an abundance of blessings :D

  2. What a great gratitude list! I am inspired to keep working on mine.

  3. What a sweet post, Deborah!
    I love "birds at the bird feeders" and I am going to fill mine for the winter now!

  4. Awesome list of thanks!

    I wish I was there where the leaves are falling in those beautiful colors! Instead... i'm over here in the HOTT sun. For a moment here I am covetting. :o)

    Scribbling Thanks,

  5. Lovely list! I, too, am so grateful for children who are friends as well as siblings. Blessings to you.

    PS- Love your Mother Theresa quote on the sidebar

  6. Blessing #257 is "resonating" with me (I hate using that word for anything but music, but since I hear it on the radio all the time...). anyway - I'm glad that my children like being with us, too. Of course, they're so young they really don't have a choice.

    But, you know what? I like being with them too.

    One of my prayers is that we can be a close family and truly enjoy each other.


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