Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mail Delivery and Book Love

Hi, my name is Deborah and I am a book addict :o). Truth be told our whole family loves books. This can be both good and bad.

On the bad side:

1) Books are not inexpensive -- especially when new.
2) We tend to purchase more books before we have even finished reading our previous purchases.
3) We often have overdue library books because we get so many out.
4) We run out of book shelf space. (I wish I could stick to a book fast as diligently as my fabric fast).

On the good side:

1) The world is at our fingertips.
2) We use our imaginations -- which is far better than plunking in front of the television.
3) We can always donate previously loved books (and even the duds ;o)) to good causes.
4) There is never any lack of anything to do (read) around here.
5) We know we're not in the 80% of Canadians who are illiterate (meaning they cannot read a book and tell you what it was about -- if they can get through the book first).
6) I wish I could say it makes for kids that are great spellers, but that unfortunately is not true. Somehow I think spelling is somewhat a genetic thing.
7) Not all our books are new! We have friends and church family who know how much we love to read who give us their previously loved books. Library discards are another great resource, as well as garage sales, flea markets, and thrift stores. Dumpster diving, however, has yet to bring forth a novel of worth :o)!

Here is the true revelation of our love of books:

Last night the Engineer and I went thrift store shopping (as we often do) on our date night. We came home with five books from the thrift store. One recipe book and four Christian books -- one is a novel, one is a devotional for teens, and the other two I would term life books. Things like raising teens, self-worth, contentment, etc.

The excitement began all over again today with the ring of the doorbell and our postal worker's arrival. Yay!! More books! Have I mentioned that I love They have great sales, lots of homeschool curriculum, an all around huge selection of books, and speedy delivery. (It's usually less than a week for us!)

In this box were a couple of books on career choices for Bub, a Bible atlas, and the one I was most anxious to see:
Hooray! Finally a book for our Little One that is related to his/her homeland. I can't wait to read this now with the kids, so that we can familiarize ourselves with it and a little bit more about the Filipino culture.


  1. I have that book, too. We also purchased Filipino Friends and another one called (boy's name which has slipped my mind) and the's in Tagalog and English. I used I, too, love books. I was at a Christian Writers Conference a few years ago and all books were discounted and the authors signed them...whoa, did I spend a lot of money!!! My suitcase was heavy on the way home! Another good adoption read is "Through Moon and Stars and Night Skies." It's not Filipino based but international adoption and it was pretty good. Jay-R liked it.

  2. My oldest and I are book addicts as well. We are most definitely out of room at this point, but that won't stop me! Now I feel the need to check the garage sale ads for tomorrow or at least try to squeeze a thrift store stop into my "go to town" schedule......


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