Monday, October 5, 2009

1000 Gratitudes

holy experience

Truth be told, I'm not feeling too grateful these days. So, in light of that, I thought it might only be fair to post both the ungratefulness and where I can be grateful in each of these situations.

The bad: I just can not keep on top of keeping my house neat and clean.

212. I was able to sew two baby bonnets.
213. I still have a home.
214. I do not have a home that was flooded.

The bad: Almost everyone I know has brought home a new puppy in the last five months.

215. No extra mess to clean up.
216. No vet bills.
217. No pets to worry about when gone for extended periods or when traveling.

The bad: If I hear "Mom" bellowed one more time...

218. Warm hugs from little people.
219. The pleasure of seeing them think of others before themselves.
220. The scent of the outdoors brought in on hair and clothing on cooler days.

The bad: Stripping and remaking bunk beds or any bed for that matter.

221. Happy and healthy children who sleep in those beds.
222. Bunk beds enable room for more children.
223. We are snug and warm.

The bad: Never enough baked goods in the house.

224. Lots of alternative fresh produce to substitute.
225. More opportunities to make a healthy choice.
226. I don't gain un-needed poundage.

The bad: Always feeling tired.

227. The chance to sleep in this weekend.
228. A quiet evening with the Engineer.
229. Some earlier nights.

The bad: Feeling like the church is our mistress.

230. The freedom to worship without fear or persecution.
231. An upcoming weekend away from our church.
232. The pleasure of getting to know up close and personally almost every member of our church family.

The bad: That I will never be a great photographer.

233. I am learning more each and every day.
234. There are great courses available.
235. I have a large and awesome network of photog friends with whom I can talk shop and are willing to critique and share.

Wow, I feel better just doing that -- and there are even three blessings for each of the bads! That in itself is blessing number 236!


  1. I keep a running list in my journal of things I am thankful for, because like you, it helps me to keep things in perspective tremendously. I appreciated reading your list and I smiled as I share some of your "bad" as well as the good.

  2. That is excellent :0)

    Good way to think about the "bads"!


  3. I, too, do that in my journal. It helps me keep perspective. Thanks for sharing! And your number 1...I can't keep my house clean either. The clutter is driving me crazy!!! But, at least I have a home and people in it that I love who clutter it with their things! :)

  4. Sweet. I think you an awesome photographer!


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