Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Tire Swing

Early this spring, the branch that held our tire swing broke. The children have gone all summer without it and really didn't seem to miss it. I on the other hand did. To me a tire swing exudes home and country. What country home depicted in photos doesn't have a tire swing?

So the other day, I rolled out the tire, and hunted down the rope (it was too high for me to reach). I asked the Engineer to hang it for me (notice it's for me -- not the kids ;o)). He promptly did so, and...

guess who's been enjoying it ever since!?!


  1. We had one in a cherry tree, with a tree fort. Where we sat and spit pits all over :0)


  2. I truly expected to see a photo of you on that swing! After all who could actually resist?

  3. How fun! We have a spot that's workable, but there's also the possibility of banging into a couple of large pine trees. Hubby would love to cut them down, but I don't know...............

  4. Oh - how I wish I had a tire swing, too!

  5. You have such a wonderful artist's eye! Look at those kids! Brilliant!


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