Thursday, September 24, 2009

One Month

Our dossier has been with the Ontario Child and Youth Services for one month -- four weeks. Somehow it seems much longer. Everyday brings us just a little bit closer to the arrival of our new Little One.

Until then I like to read the blogs of who have traveled (or are traveling) the road before us and visit here. Might one of these sweet children someday be in our home?


  1. How exciting hope that blessings comes soon for your family :D

  2. Hello! Thanks for leaving a comment on our blog! Adoption is an emotional, exciting journey. I look forward to following your family's journey! I, too, would look at the websites of orphanages in the Philippines while we were waiting and dream of the day we would hold our little one!

  3. What a calling. I know a family that adopted a little girl from China. We offered many prayers in their behalf and it was a blessing to see God's hand in the process.

  4. Maybe I missed something? Are you still waiting for a child from the Philippines? One month can seem so long - but soon these days will be a memory, Lord willing!


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