Friday, September 11, 2009

The Garden Spoils

Remember this garden?? I would say only one of the promises about square foot gardening came true. It was that we wouldn't have to weed. We had very few weeds, but we also had very little harvest -- unless you count my herbs.

All our vines died. So, no squash or zucchini. We did get about six cucumbers before that vine up and died too. I'm not sure what went wrong except that perhaps it needed far more water than we gave it -- and fertilizer too since vines are heavy feeders.

Because I really appreciated the lack of weeding, I think we'll give it another try next year. Hopefully we'll water and fertilize a little more regularly.

The following is what I harvested this week:
L-R: Italian parsley, big-leaf basil, rosemary, Genovese basil, a handful of Roma tomatoes, lemon basil, and curled parsley.

I wash and froze all the herbs except the rosemary. It, I hung to dry. The tomatoes might possibly go into the freezer -- if they don't get eaten first.

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  1. I didn't have that great of a harvest either. My garden was in raised boxes. We had no weeds, but little food. I did have zucchini & squash, some small tomatoes, tiny bit of lettuce, peppers and herbs. I think I will try again next year, but also plant in the ground. Wishing us both better luck next season:0)


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