Monday, September 28, 2009

1000 Gratitudes

holy experience

172. Some really warm days.
173. Boy humour.
174. A walk through the clover before it got tilled.
175. Seeing a garden spider.
176. Tomatoes and basil from the garden.
177. Daily work in the perennial garden.
178. Roses in bloom yet before I give them away.
179. Fresh cut flowers in the house.
180. A bit of rain at last.
181. A quiet Sunday afternoon absorbed in a book by a brilliant author.
182. A rehung tire swing.
183. Christian fellowship around an evening fire.
184. Another great week of schooling.
185. Library days.
186. Date night.
187. Ferocious hugs from a little girl.
188. Piano music.
189. Leaves turning colour.
190. Grandparents who spend lots of time with their grandchildren.
191. Blue eyes.
192. Green eyes.
193. Two pairs of brown eyes.
194. Five o'clock shadows.
195. The Engineer's low chuckle.
196. Blogging friends.
197. Messes everywhere that tell me my children are busy being kids.
198. Flavoured hot chocolate.
199. A pressure washed porch.
200. Delicious salmon for supper.
201. An abundance of fresh produce.
202. A passion to learn.
203. A boy's passion for writing.
204. Polar fleece pants.
205. The courage to say no when needed.
206. An evening campfire with friends.
207. Smores!
208. A new season of Bible study.
209. No rain during any of our photo shoots this past weekend.
210. New fabrics from the second hand store.
211. A small window of time to sew.

*** I would have published this yesterday, but I've been mostly under the weather with a very painful migraine. Still not gone, but praying I'm on the upswing now.


  1. Hoping you feel better soon! My husband and friend suffer from migraines so I feel for you!

  2. Yes, salmon and fleece pants! SO WONDERFUL! YOU are a blessing, sweet friend!

  3. Oh I love this list. I'm so sorry that you had a migraine. I hope it goes better soon.


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