Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dutch Blitz

We have enjoyed playing Dutch Blitz at various places over the years, so when I made an order from CBD two weeks ago, I added it to the order. It came last Thursday, among a pile of books that I am already voraciously reading through. No one touched it until the Engineer and I decided to play a round. Peach and Beans promptly joined in while the stragglers watched. (Do they have an expansion pack, so everyone can play)? Ever since Sunday evening, the kids have spent hours playing Dutch Blitz. Oh there are the occasional accusations of cheating, but mostly just contented chatter and proclamations of their scores -- good or bad.

Do you think that Bub might have the winning hand? He seems to have a funny little smirk.


  1. I love it! They have to think, think, think! It's so active instead of passive like some other forms of entertainment.

  2. Looks fun I have often wanted to purchase this ~ Cute picture of the children ~Blessings Heather ;-)

  3. I absolutely LOVE dutch blitz! This game got me through many High School 'spares' and lunches. My first deck began to lose cards, and so we bought a second set. By that time, you could tell which cards belonged to whom! :P


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