Monday, August 31, 2009

1000 Gratitudes

holy experience

It was a busy week full of many things. A new school year, new books, lots of cloudy and rainy days, special trips, and reading and games around the table. As I look back on the week, I see many things for which I am deeply grateful to God!

144. Children who let us sleep in.
145. Another niece who celebrated a wedding day.
146. A Saturday away enjoying being just the two of us.
147. A reminder of our special day almost sixteen years ago.
148. A fun but chilly Sunday afternoon doing our own family portraits.
149. Crickets singing in our basement.
150. The return of our awesome music teacher.
151. Beginning a new school year.
152. A new routine.
153. Excitement about starting a new GEMS season.
154. Parents who are so willing to help out.
155. How much the kids love having Gramma and Grampa come over.
156. Two bite brownies.
157. Visiting with extended family.
158. Cozy sweatshirts.
159. A couple of needlework projects done.
160. Volunteer petunias from seed.
161. Afternoon tea with unexpected company.
162. The cobble patio is reworked and finished once again.
163. President's Choice Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies!

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  1. Deborah, I love your list!
    Isn't September a beautiful month? My favorite! I wish I didn't like COOKIES so much! xopp


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