Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This morning we signed off on our homestudy. Our social worker stopped by nice and early (as I am leaving for a GEMS leader's conference shortly). We went over our "novel" one more time and the statement that we are willing to adopt a child or sibling group of two age six and under, healthy, or with mild correctable health issues.

Our social worker has been so patient! She had to redo our dossier several times as the writing of our report came at the same time as the bankruptcy declarations and scandal of Imagine Adoption. The Ontario government has been swamped with concerned families and it came at the same time as a change in how the dossiers are written. Dr. A. had the worst time trying to get ahold of the new format for dossiers. Finally she got one and pumped out an acceptable format for our dossier.

It feels good to finally have all that paperwork behind us! Tomorrow while I am conferencing :o), the Engineer will send our dossier to our agency. One step closer :o)!

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