Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Enjoying Summer?

I arrived home from the GEMS conference very late Saturday night. It was encouraging, informative, and inspiring, but I was also very homesick. This is the first time (except for post baby hospital stays) that I have been away from the children and without the Engineer either. I think what did me in though was that I was unable to talk to them at all on the weekend. We don't own cellphones and whenever I had any free time I knew they wouldn't be around to answer the phone anyway.

I'm still tired and currently battling a headache, but I have been having fun, washing and freezing blueberries, deep cleaning the upstairs bathroom and bedrooms, working furiously in the gardens when the sun peeks out, and enjoying some days that are finally in the high 20 C. Normally we're in the low 30C range through the summer months. I don't know if yesterday or today broke 30, but otherwise we haven't had a day over 30C.

It really hasn't been summer yet. We're still waiting for it to arrive.

Yes, he's still here! Do you think he looks worried about our seemingly idle threats?


  1. Our summer weather has been odd too. Tons of rain and clouds. Next week the heat and sun should be back and I am looking forward to it!


    i have to say blog

  2. I hate going away from my hubby and girls overnight, too!!! In seven years, I've only done it twice - once for a funeral and once because my mom was in the hospital.

  3. My family up north has been telling me all about the cool winter. Very cute picture of your daughter and the kitty. Sorry to hear about your headache praying that you feel better soon! ~Blessings Heather

  4. I'm looking forward to hearing how the Lord is reminding you of Himself as you dig back in at home, loving your family and serving them. That is a very cute kitty!


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