Friday, June 5, 2009

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If you've been following my blog at all, you know we're well on our way to adopting a little one from the Philippines. A couple weeks into our adoption paperwork, we learned that another family from our church is adopting as well. They're quite a bit ahead of us, but I love their story. They are an incredibly talented couple with two beautiful little girls, who hope to hear in the next few months of news that they will be able to go pick up their little boy in South Africa.

Their website, On Grace and Grafting, is beautiful! What thought they have put into this wondrous gift of adoption. Marc and Renee have put into words many of our similar thoughts and feelings. Their story is different from ours, and yet at the same time we share many similarities.

If you stop by their website/blog would you let them know. The waiting can be long and hard, and to know that other people are waiting with them and praying for them will be a real blessing!


  1. Congratulations! As a Filipino, I am touched that a couple such as yourselves care about a child that needs a loving family. Thank you.

  2. Thank you, Nina! Our heart for the Philippines developed when we began sponsoring our two Compassion children from the Philippines. When we finally get our approval to go to the Philippines, we hope to be able to meet our Compassion children as well. I've only seen pictures so far, but it looks like such a beautiful country and such beautiful people too!


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