Sunday, June 21, 2009

Nature Hike

This afternoon, the Engineer and Bub went off to a LEGO thing at Toys R Us for a couple of hours, and my migrane was thankfully, just a bad memory, so the girls and I decided we'd go on a hike. They've been asking to go to the creek, but with the wheat in full head now, I can't let them go through the field.

We donned our socks and shoes (and should have used some bug spray too) and headed out along the road until we reached the lane into the field. Then we traipsed through the wheat (Shh! Don't tell our neighbour) for a little bit until we could nicely walk along the edge again.

The girls were disappointed to discover how deep the water was. They were hoping to cross over to the other side. The edge was slippery and wet -- as Beans discovered when she almost fell in.

Instead of all getting wet and muddy, we decided to continue to walk the perimeter of the field.

Look what we discovered:

Giant clover.

Two cherry trees with ripening cherries.

Mulberry bushes, just loaded with mulberries. We may have to race against the robins for these.

A swallowtail enjoying the nectar of a Virginia creeper vine.

Tiny wild strawberries.

I see lots of jam in our future -- if we can stand the mosquitoes :o)!

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