Monday, June 29, 2009

Just Your Average Monday

It was a busy weekend of barbeques and photo sessions. Both fun and relaxation. Church time was a time of blessing and reflection. And family and friend time was a time for laughter, fun, and interesting discussion. All the coming and going always makes for a disorganized house on Monday.

Swim team began this morning, so that means we are out the door every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday before 8am. It's a great motivational tool for me -- even if I have to rouse groaning children from their beds.

I managed to get a load of wash in before we left. It was a beautiful sunny day out, yet the forecast was showers. I took the risk and hung all the wash out. It dried and all, but a few things were in before it actually did start to rain. The girls helped me out by getting the last few things off the line because I was wrist deep in chocolate dough. (I had a craving for a chocolate dipped doughnut, so decided to make my own).

It is a real joy to see my children become more helpful around the house -- even though sometimes it takes a lot of prodding from me. They did quite a bit of work today. They weeded some of the garden, cleaned up all the pruned branches from our maple trees (pics to come soon), and the girls happily took down the last bit of laundry. This is over and above their regular chores -- which I will be the first to admit don't always get done.

They are growing up. As much as I love having babies and toddlers, it is neat to watch the changes as our children grow. This too is a special time. We're on the threshold of teenagerhood (not a real word I'm sure), and in a way I am quite excited about it. I'll be on my knees in prayer through what I understand can be turbulent years, but I'm positive there will be much joy in these years too.


94. Enjoying summer food with friends.
95. Good discussion and lots of laughter.
96. Beach days.
97. Pool days.
98. Getting to meet all the members of our church family.
99. The power of prayer.
100. Rain when its so badly needed.
101. Freshly dried laundry.
102. Children who seek to please the Lord.
103. Chocolate doughnuts :o)!
104. Cool evenings with birdsong.
105. Pleasant tiredness.


  1. Mmmm..chocolate donuts sound delightful right now! :)


  2. Were on the threshold of teens as well......May God give us both wisdom, patience and much faith for the years ahead!~ Love your Blessings list! ~Heather ;-)


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