Thursday, May 28, 2009

Soccer Night in Canada

Okay, not quite. We do have what is called Hockey Night in Canada though. I've never seen it and don't care to. Olympic hockey on the other hand...

I digress. It was simply soccer night in the homeschool world of our district and I have no complaints about watching four children play and one husband coach, while I get to socialize with the other moms and smooch their sweet little babies. The best part? This evening of exercise and socializing costs us five dollars for the WHOLE family for the season!! Okay, we don't get any fancy uniforms, but the kids all get freezies after every game. All in all I think its a great evening out for our family.

Bub and Peach warming up. I'm not sure if the sweatshirt was going on or off.

I love how they wear their shin pads outside of their socks. "They're itchy if we wear them inside!"

Speaking of freezies, I do sometimes wonder if our children are more excited about the freezies at the end, being with their friends, or actually playing the game. They were ready to go by 6pm and we don't have to be at the field until 7pm. Why don't they display that same excitement about getting at their schoolwork in the morning :0)?


  1. You don't watch Hockey Night in Canada?! *sigh*
    Cute pictures! Your kids look like they are enjoying soccer!

  2. Lol! I knew my lack of interest in hockey would cause a stir with some of my Canadian readers.

  3. Oh, you're reminding me...

    sign-ups for fall soccer begin tomorrow.

    Mixed feelings on my part. The boys LOVE to play, and the exercise does them a world of good. And I love seeing them give it their all and enjoy it.

    But... that means eight (or nine) weeks of 6 or 7 practices a WEEK, and three or more games every Saturday.

    I'm weary just thinking of it.

    And all the stinky shoes, socks, and shin-guards (which the league FORBIDS to be worn outside the socks... presumably for safety reasons), and mud, mud, mud.

    The things I do for my kids...



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