Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's Finally Beautiful Here!

Everything is out in all its lush green and other summer finery. The air is warm and the wind is blowing. These are the perfect days for gardening while listening to the drone of tractors planting their summer crops, building forts on top of the trailer (soon to be a shed), reading while the last of the winter bedding dries in the brisk wind, and having picnics while being read to by mom. School is rapidly winding down here and then there will just be some projects as my friend Julie so wisely put it. I will be happy to see the back end of this school year, but a small part of me is already looking forward to next year too.


  1. Beautiful summer pictures! I love all of your gardens!

  2. That is a LOOOOONG flower bed, by your driveway!

    Great pics of your kids, and I love the sheets flapping on the line in the last picture. :0)

    AL. MOST. THERE. !!!!!!!!!!!


  3. *sigh*

    I think you're a little bit ahead of us, but we're getting there.


  4. Your grass is so wonderfully green! Hopefully all the rain we've had this last week (and we're still getting some) has revived our grass. About 80 miles north of us and farther north got about 28 inches of rain though and are experiencing flooding. We go from drought to too much rain. Our wacky weather! It looks like your kids are enjoying the great weather there. It's to the point now that we can't step outside for more than a few minutes without being drenched in sweat ... summer in Florida. LOL


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