Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Going on a Nest Hunt

I was mowing the lawn for the second time in five days and frightened a mourning dove out of one of the spruce trees in our backyard. If it isn't raining tomorrow, I think I'll go on a hunt with my camera in hand.

Have you ever seen a mourning dove's nest? They always remind me of the story in the Bible about the foolish man who built his house on the sand. Their nests are not the least bit strong. Perhaps that's why they always build their nests in our spruce trees. It gives them a safe flat area to build their messy stick nests. Hopefully I can get a picture of one!

On another note, the lawn needs to be raked -- again! Some entrepreneur should really come up with a baler for the big riding lawn mowers. Not a bagger, but a baler. Then we can always pass our "hay" on to our goat farming neighbour.

I picked our rhubarb today, so stayed tuned for a recipe or two for what to do with a plethora of rhubarb -- and a plethora I have!!

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  1. We have many mourning doves that hang around in our yard and they love to get up into the feeders (they sit in the middle of the feeder to eat - so funny), but we have yet to spot any nests. That would thrill my boys as they get such a kick out of watching them.

    BTW - One of the 100% Pure products I've been using is the organic acai antioxidant facial cream ... LOVE it! It's in a glass bottle with a nice pump dispenser. I figure when it gets down to the last I can easily turn it upside down and then unscrew the pump and get it out into my hand that way. I dislike squeeze tubes for the same reason you mentioned on my blog.


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