Monday, May 25, 2009

Flying the Coop

The housefinch babies left the nest yesterday afternoon while we were gone to visit friends. I did get a photo of them yesterday morning (oh they were cute!!). I actually got one last photo of them mere hours before they flew the coop :0).

This is our final week of school. I can hardly believe it!! It was a good year in some ways, but I already know I will do some things very differently next year. Tonight I hope to get this posted and then do so marking. This week I must make some decisions regarding next year's curriculum. I do not want to be writing lesson plans the week before school starts up again.

**I think I need to calibrate my monitors. On the lap top, my photos always look blown out, but on our main computer, they are bright and crisp. I apologize if they always look a little on the overdone side. I guess it all depends on how your monitor is calibrated.


  1. We finished up last week and I have been getting so much done around the house! In between I'm lesson planning though for all the sujects I didn't purchase a curriculum for - history, geography, health, artist & composer studies, art. I have no clue what I'm doing for spelling. My eyes are already glazing over. LOL I think I am most stressed about trying to do 5th grade along with pre-K. I know ds2 will want to be a part of everything ds1 is doing so I'm trying to figure out how to do that. Ack!

  2. Great news all around!

    And your photos look fantastic.



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