Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Paper Crafting Wednesday

Last week I was unable to do the paper crafting Wednesday as I had left my paper cutters at a friend's house. My little card (to make) from Kelli had arrived too, so I was very excited to have them back and make a few cards for this week.

This first one is the one that Kelli sent. I love the floral paper and the chocolatey ribbon!

This one was made with the sweet note Kelli included in my paper crafting package. I loved the purpley blue of the hydrangeas on the notepaper and couldn't resist reusing them on the front of a card.

The final two were made with die cuts that I've had lying around since forever! I made a little agreement with myself that I could not buy any new paper and other crafty items until I have used up as much as I can. Believe me! I have enough to keep me busy for a long long time.

For more paper goodness, head on over to see Kelli at There is No Place Like Home.


  1. Your cards area sweet, and I love flowers!

    Thanks for sharing them.

    Barbara Jean

  2. Those are lovely cards, thankyou for sharing your creations.

  3. Soo sweet, I love hydrangeas too. But, my favorite was the baby card.

  4. Love the simpleness of your cards. My favorite is the last one with the baby hands...who can resist that?

    I also love that you made a new card from a card you received. I do that a lot!

  5. You always make the cutest cards! I especially like the last one - the hand prints make it so adorable.

    (Those yellow wildflowers are coreopsis. I was amazed how many different varieties there are. It's the state wildflower here.)

  6. I love the purple-y blue of the hydrangeas... definitely my "happy color" :0) And the handprint card is adorable. Well, they're all beautiful, but those are my favorites.

  7. What beautiful work! Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope all is well with you.

  8. loved looking at your cards. Very creative. I especially like the handprint one. Thanks for sharing. :o)


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