Thursday, April 9, 2009


The Engineer and I were fingerprinted today. They want to know if we're criminals living under another name. I wonder if the Engineer's blog name counts :0)??

We had a wonderful chat with the OPP officer who herself is extremely interested in adoption. We also got to see (sort of. I'm not the gawking type) a real live prisoner! Funny, I would have never known he was a bad guy. He sounded pretty normal to me :0).

When we got home, we were trying to figure out where and how to send our most recently acquired documents, only to discover that 1) it would take an average of 120 days before we would get any results, 2) that we could have done it digitally, and had our results in 72 hours, and 3) there is actually a place two minutes from our dentist's office that will do this exact thing! Why didn't someone inform us of this before we got our fingers all dirty??

Some days I just want to kick myself!! Why did we not look this up before we went to the OPP office?? The Engineer has decided to chalk it up to inexperience and we're going to make an appointment to get it done digitally. Forget the fact that we already spent xx amount of dollars on a hard copy. So anyways, if anyone ever wants to see the coolest fingerprinting ever, we have some great artifacts that will forever be in our posession.

One final thought. The Lord moves in mysterious ways. Who knows what our part was in our visit to the OPP office today.

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  1. Ah yes, very mysterious ways! We've had many of those finding out too late moments over the years. (((((HUGS)))))


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