Monday, April 27, 2009

Growing Things Everywhere

Each spring I am amazed anew at how growing things that looked so utterly lifeless only a week or so ago, suddenly start sprouting, flowering, or greening up. Our lawn is in serious need of a cut, the Norway maples not only have flowers (ack, more allergens for me), but the new leaves are slowly unfurling their delicate emerald heads. Flowers are blooming in the perennial bed and on some of my shrubs. The lilacs are not only leafing out, but are forming their lovely scented flower buds. Seriously! The lilac buds are wonderfully scented. It's not the same as when the flower is in bloom, but it's scent is still intoxicating. Some evenings are now mild enough to leave the windows open and we can fall asleep to the chirping of frogs in the nearby ponds. These! These are the things I deeply appreciate about spring!

*1000 gifts:

84. unfurling leaves
85. delicate flowers
86. shades of green
87. intoxicating scents
88. warming evenings
89. singing frogs
90. open windows

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  1. these are beautiful! I'm a bit envious of the gardens you have for taking these photos! And I also love reading your 'gifts''s a nice reminder to always keep an eye out for the good! : )


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