Thursday, April 30, 2009


On a whim yesterday, I told the kids to each invite a friend over for the afternoon. Bub invited his friend from just up the road, and the girls invited three friends who are also sisters. It was busy here for the afternoon, but I did my own thing, while the children all enjoyed each other's company. The Wii was put to good use, as well as the computer for a bit. The boys played around outside for awhile and the girls got out my cardstock, punches, and whatever else they could find and made cards. The little girls made cards too, but Squirt was in her element because Miss M, loves to play dolls and dress up too. I never did get a photo because I didn't want to disturb their contented play. They played dolls and dress up most of the afternoon.

There were ten of us at the supper table last night. We had a great time listening to the chatter and intejecting occasionally. The boys are at such a funny age. You just have to mention girls and they practically joke on their supper. I'm glad for their innocence yet. They simply love to play, and wrestle, and be the winner -- or keep trying until they are.

We hustled everyone off to AWANA and Quest after they spent a bit of time burning off some excess energy by running around and doing an awful lot of screaming (the girls anyways). The screaming could be related to the fact that the boys were running around with their assorted weapons made of wood. I'm glad the neighbours are far enough away that the kids' noise would not really disturb them.

I wonder why I don't invite the kids to have friends over more often...


  1. heehee, i know some of your guests, they are such a sweet family! my julia used to go over and spend a while with the two youngest girls when we lived at my inlaws place. looks like a fun afternoon!!

  2. I thought you might! It's a small small world isn't it?!

  3. yes it is! :) funny you knowing Julia's Opa haha. Clubs night i'm guessing? :)

    that is the same night they come to our home for dinner (brought over by my mother in law!!) and a visit with the kids.

    are you busy gardening these days?
    the warm days have been SOOOO LOVELY, haven't they? :)
    have a great weekend!


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